Sleep Apnea Dentistry in Folsom California

Sleep Apnea Dentistry Folsom Ca.

Sleep Apnea Dentistry is a very unique form of dentisty the helps people with sleep apnea to lessen or even eliminate the the effects of sleep apnea so you can breath right and get a good healthy nights sleep.

What is the most conservative therapy that will help you? This is a question that should be discussed by you, your sleep doctor and your family doctor. The treatment should be chosen according to the type of apnea, the severity of the symptoms, and your other health considerations.

One conservative treatment that has been proven to help is the application of various sleep apnea dental devices. These dental appliances are recommended for those people who experience mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

A number of devices are available depending on the need of the patient or the prescription of a dentist. These devices are designed to reposition the mandible and tongue in an anterior or forward position to enlarge pharyngeal dimension and to prevent their collapse into the airways during sleep.

The goals of sleep apnea dental treatment include improvement or resolution of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Their are wo types of oral devices are available for this sleep apnea therapy, one is a mandibular repositioner and tongue retaining device. The mandibular advancement device, referred to as MAD, is the most widely used instrument for treatment of sleep apnea. Its features are similar to a mouth guard, which forces the lower jaw downward and forward to maintain an open and unobstructed airway. The TRD, or tongue-retraining device, keeps the airway open all the time by holding the tongue in place.

These devices can cause marked improvement of airflow, thus decreasing snoring and sleep apnea. Regardless of which treatment you and your dentist or sleep specialist decide upon for your circumstances, consistent use of the dental treatment device is need for improvement to be seen.

The side effects and risks of untreated sleep apnea should be enough to make you want to consider and continue treatment for as long as required to achieve relief from the debilitating symptoms of sleep apnea.

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