By Digiorno Dental Fitness
January 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

Some patients believe that getting a gorgeous Hollywood smile is simply not within their reach. But the truth is that veneers have become a veneersvery common treatment in the everyday world that helps patients achieve that goal. After visiting your dentist at Digiorno Dental Fitness in Folsom and Sacramento, CA, for a checkup you might learn that you are an ideal candidate for veneers.

Veneers Will Make You Smile
Unfortunately, many people choose to spend many years hiding their teeth because of dental imperfections including chips, cracks, stains, and smile gaps. It's hard to smile or laugh with confidence around others if you’re constantly worrying about how your teeth look. When you have veneers, there's no need for concern because each tooth is covered with a smooth porcelain covering that's beautifully contoured and colored. With veneers, you'll feel more comfortable smiling around friends and strangers. 

Deciding if You're a Good Candidate
If your teeth are in overall good condition, meaning that your mouth is free from dental and gum disease, it's likely that you'll be a candidate for veneers. You wouldn't want to bond a dental device to a tooth that is unhealthy and in need of treatment. Your Folsom and Sacramento, CA, dentist will perform a thorough dental examination, including X-rays to ensure that each tooth is healthy enough to support a veneer.

Veneers Don't Take Long to Install
Compared to other treatments aimed at bettering the appearance of your teeth, veneers don't take very long to install. The average treatment time is about a few weeks. When you consider that braces can take many months or years, veneers are the best choice if you want your new smile in time for an upcoming event. 

Improve Your Smile with Veneers
You should feel as if you have your best smile possible while navigating your social life and professional career. Contact Digiorno Dental Fitness in Folsom and Sacramento, CA, to find out if veneers will help you achieve that goal. Call (916) 81-SMILE for our Folsom office or (916) 486-8525 for our Sacramento office to schedule a dentist appointment with Drs. Anthony and Julianne Digiorno.